Weekend Stuff: Celebrating Summer

Happy Friday!

Can you believe today is the last day of May?? I’m so confused by this. It was March, like, yesterday. I do not understand. 

I do, however, loveee the month of June. It means school is out and days are long and weekend bags are never fully unpacked and peach juice is running down your chin. The start of June feels fresh, like new hopes and happies are all around. 

I was reminded recently by my friend Jenny about summer reading programs at the local library. I LOVED these as a kid. Riding in the bucket seat of our mini van, a freshly finished book in hand, a handwritten library card in its cover, anxiously awaiting our arrival at the library to hear the scrape of its sides as it raced down the return shoot and run my hands along the spine of whatever was next on the list.

I hope libraries always exist and these programs are always available and we go back to handwritten library cards at some point. My poor future children who will be forced to enjoy this despite their personal interests…

Anyway, today’s edition of Weekend Stuff is really just a short and sweet celebration of June and reading and the essence of summer as it rounds third base. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

May your weekend be filled with the good stuff.

xx Bailey

Paris by the Book

I mentioned a few weeks ago that this was one of the books I was taking with me to Mexico. I’ve since completed it and can officially include it as one of my Summer 2019 Books To Read. It’s fun and light with just the right amount of sadness to feel like real life. Plus, it’s set in a bookstore in Paris which is slightly cheesy but also perfectly dreamy for summer.

Mary Oliver on the Greatest Antidote to Sorrow

It’s very trendy to love Mary Oliver right now but I’m not even mad about it because Mary Oliver’s words deserve to be loved. And this compilation on her love for reading is no exception. It’s also a much more eloquent and meaningful description on the important of and gift that is reading than what I attempted at the start of this post. There’s also a Sylvia Plath shoutout in here so I couldn’t be happier with this post in its entirety.

My friend Jesse is a go-to resource for all things music and sent over both of these recommendations for songs of summer. Try being in a bad mood after listening to these two.

Here Comes The Sun

Is there a happier summer song?

Call Off Your Dogs

If you seen me on a run through Central Park this summer, the odds are good this song is playing through my headphones.


Ok, this is an aggressive swap but an earnest one. Normally I reserve this swap section for toxic-free / eco-friendly items (like the next one) but this swap is for your general well being and capacity for joy. If you have the budget (and the counter space) get yourself an air fryer. Anyone close to me will tell you how often and fervently I evangelize folks on the magic of the air fryer. But seriously, it’s so worth it. It makes everything – veggies, potatoes, quesadillas, cookies, chicken wings (for steven, not me) and it does it faster and healthier than an oven. I can’t recommend this enough. Here’s some inspo to whet the pallet.

Silicone Baking Mats

Ok, back to eco-friendly swaps. I’m all about cutting down on the dishes I have to do at the end of the night, so I’ve been a big participant in the aluminum foil on your baking tray movement. But in an effort to reduce waste, I’m making the switch to these silicone baking mats instead. They serve the same purpose, negate the need for cooking sprays or oil, and are easily washable and reusable. Win win.

Did you know S&G is on Pinterest? I have boards for Mercies, Musings, and Manhattan to keep the good times rolling all throughout the week. I also have a board just for quotes like these if you need a little more happy in your Pinterest feed.

On Living Deeply

The true work of living deeply is the effort made to break through that bubble and touch and taste and see and smell the room and city and world around us. We must simmer in our surroundings. Warmed by the bubbling broth of street noise and the faint smell of sticky bar floors and the strangers’ argument overheard. We have to be in it. Or we will go on existing in the shallows – a raindrop tracing down a window – directionless and outside.

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