Weekend Stuff: Reading for Rest

Happy Friday!

I hope you’ve had a lovely first week of June. I’ve been busy with marathon training and work and finalizing all our upcoming travel plans as well as a few little projects I’ve been teasing for a while now. Getting so close to sharing!

But for now, here’s a few heavy handed hints: a sneaky little series on morning mercies, a not-so-little somethin’ somethin’ on depth, and a fun focused project all about toxic-free living.

Are you excited?? I am. 

But, with all that in the works I am so happy to finally find Friday beneath my calendars and checklists. And even more motivated than usual to source and share these “mercies in different mediums” as we seek rest and restoration the next few days. 

Sidebar: this isn’t included in today’s post but Secret Life of Pets 2 comes out in theaters today and Steven and I will be there with bells on and popcorn in tow. Just pretend that’s in a “stuff to watch” category because there’s definitely mercy in that.

May your weekend be filled with the good stuff.

xx Bailey

David Platt Models How to Pray for a President

I don’t make it a habit to share anything political (and don’t even think this counts as doing so) but this prayer by David Platt over the President is really beautiful and full of hope. What a sobering, humble reminder of truth.

The Millennial Obsession with Starting Over

I’m embarrassed to admit just how much I related to this article. A must read for those of us craving a “clean slate” every time we move or change jobs or start a new month.


My friend Lauren (who you might remember from this) wrote a beautiful post on trust and humility and hope. As an incessant planner and recovering control freak, this resonated so deeply with me and I couldn’t help but share it here.

The Efficiency Delusion

Allow me to repeat myself from .5 seconds ago: as an incessant planner and recovering control freak, this article resonated deeply with me too (but in a very different way). If you’re an efficiency fiend like me, I definitely recommend this read!

I posted yesterday asking for song recommendations for my “morning mercy” playlist and y’all showed up. So thank you.

Here are two of my favorites (with more to be shared in the weeks to come!).

Be More Kind, Frank Turner

My friend Brent suggested this one and I’m here to echo that in full. A little old school, a little blues-y, but so good.

How Deep the Father’s Love For Us, Chelsea Moon 

@christinawiens recommended this version of one of my all time favorite hymns and she was so right. These words and this version – all kinds of mercy here.

I booked a flight home to Texas for later this month and CANT WAIT to sit down on the patio at Gloria’s (if you know, you know) to a giant bowl of guacamole and a pitcher of margs to share. 

Mango Salsa

In preparation for my trip, I’m allllll about this homemade salsa right now. It’s so fresh, so easy to make, and a total crowd pleaser.

Tin Can Margaritas

We all knew this was coming. A homemade margarita recipe with a twist? Yes, please. If you need some fun margarita glasses to serve, I recommend these. I’m a sucker for anything cacti.

What it Means to be Happy and Sad

…I’m afraid of this. But also quite pleased that I can be so human, so untethered, so nakedly affected by the world around me. That I can burst into tears of joy over a text from a friend who gave birth to a perfect, tiny creature. That I can burst into flames over the unfolding of a chapter of my mom’s life that I wouldn’t have written. That I can be somewhere in between the two over improper umbrella usage on the street.

Read the rest

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