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Hi! I'm Bailey.


For most of my adulthood the world has seemed either too big or too small but usually both and at the same time. Moving to Manhattan in my twenties only heightened that feeling and brought with it an added layer of noise and chaos and confusion.


I seek safety among words. I look to novels for escape. To my own for catharsis. And to the living word for hope, belonging, restoration. I wonder at the fact that God chose the written word as his leave-behind. That language, with all its shortcomings and margin for error, with its own ability to be collectively too big and too small, too much and not enough, still serves God's eternal purpose. That scripture says it is living and active today. I marvel at all words can hold.


And so I write in humble response. Seeking to re-size and re-set my perspective. To weed through the chaos and confusion and run my fingers through the beauty therein. A call to remember - amidst pain and suffering, distraction and apathy, or general disillusionment (of which I am infinitely guilty) - the sure and worthy promises of God. An ebenezer to truth. An offering of words to the one who left His.

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When I first moved to Manhattan, I lived in Herald Square (because I knew nothing about the city and didn’t know any better).


Within it, the "bellringers monument" holds the former clock of the New York Herald, an iron cast image of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, and her two blacksmiths, Stuff and Guff, as they chime the bell at the top of each hour. Ringing in the news from the Herald. Serving two things, wisdom and time.


In a city (and a world) so loud, so chaotic and monotonous, I want to do the same. To ring the bell, to sound the alarm for the good news of the gospel, to mark the time as it passes, and to remind us to stop, slow, and seek wisdom above all else.


I created Stuff & Guff to do just that.

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